MR Guard 4

**** FEATURE *****
NEW MR Guard 4. This application for global administrator or room-administrator and moderator.
- Auto Login if Disconnect
- U can login the army of kick, just double click the indicator colour
- For protect ID, double-click target, or select more target and then press ENTER key
- For delete protect ID, double-click on Protect ID list or click Delete All Protect
- Protect ID will be hidden in the spy list
- For kick, blog target list or CTRL + select target then right-click to kick. Don’t forget to check option for mode kick
- Kick all list room, don’t forget to protect your friends
- U can select target, check select target and you can kick, banned, unbanned, add mode and delete mode
- Auto refresh list room
- Can send text chat, PV and GC, write then press ENTER key
- U can save your kick activity by click Log kick. Before close this APP, don’t forget to Log Kick for save your kick activity

***New Fitur on MR Guard 4: ***
 - Auto Detector Multy
- Can detect recent entered
- Anti BotGame, if some user call OneGame, the soft will auto stop bot, then call Bot GirlFriend as locked bot
- Silent Room
- Winamp update status
- Auto Leave GC

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