Sunshine Heartbeat / Chik Sa Yan Kei

Hearts of Fencing II: Sunshine Heartbeat / Chik Sa Yan Kei @ Sei Yip Cho 2
When Mia was young, she and her sisters Ah Kiu and Yan Yan met a Gypsy girl. The Gypsy girl gave Mia a bag and told her to open it when she turns 18 and she will find her true love and told her to choose carefully so she wouldn't hurt her family. Mia and her sisters buried the bag and promised not to open it until Mia comes back to Hong Kong. Mia stayed with her aunt while the Ah Kiu and Yan Yan went back to Hong Kong.

A few years later... Mia came back to Hong Kong and on her 18th birthday, Mia and her sisters dug up the bag and opened it. The letter inside the bag said Mia's true love would have a four leave clover mark on them. Mia discovers the four leave clover mark on both Lik and Ah Sun. Which one will she choose? The rumored as "bad boy" Ah Lik or the good boy Ah Sun?

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